Thursday, January 7, 2010

Craig Bellamy: Player of The Year?

It would seem to be an appropriate time to consider who may be the early favourites for Player of the Year accolades.

I am going to leave this one largely up to the comments, but I will mention my particular choice:

Craig Bellamy

I have been an admirer of Bellamy throughout his career, thinking that he would be a complete nightmare to defend against and someone that could make almost any defender look like a 4 year old in a split second. At Manchester City, with their high-tempo attacking style he seems to be having somewhat of a breakout season. His speed, timing, passing and finishing seem to be at a level which is above and beyond what we have seen from him before. He is currently my favourite player to watch in the Premier League and lets hope he can maintain his form.

What are your thoughts?

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